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Who We Serve

Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare provides both substance abuse treatment and prevention services.  Prevention services are provided for children and adults in the community.  Substance abuse treatment services are offered to adults with a substance use disorder. 

Addiction is a primary, chronic, progressive and potentially fatal brain disease involving cycles of relapse and remission.  We believe that addiction is treatable, that recovery is achievable for everyone, that individuals should be actively involved in decisions regarding their treatment and that everyone can achieve their own goals.

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What We Provide

Individuals seeking treatment will need a psychosocial assessment to determine the appropriate level of care.  This assessment may be done by Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare or another provider.


Cedar Lodge: a Level III.5 – Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Program
The goal of Cedar Lodge is to help the individual in the recovery process through the improvement of their quality of life by seeking balance and healing in all aspects of health and wellness.

The treatment program typically lasts from two to three weeks and consists of group and individual counseling, psychoeducation, family counseling, peer support services, and other services as needed.  Admission priority is given to individuals who are pregnant and those who have intravenous substance use disorders.  Cedar Lodge does not offer medical detoxification, therefore for their health and safety, a candidate must be sober for at least seventy-two hours prior to admission. There is a $300.00 processing fee payable at admission. No one who meets admission criteria will be denied services due to their inability to pay. 

Opioid Treatment Program

In response to the nationwide opioid crisis, Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare was awarded a State Targeted Response (STR) grant in 2017.  The grant seeks to improve public awareness of Alabama’s opioid misuse and addiction crisis, increase access to treatment, and implement services aimed at preventing the onset and reducing the progression of prescription drug misuse at the community level.


The Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare STR program partners with local physicians to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services.  Services include physician services, medication products, peer support counseling, and case management.  To be considered for admission to the program, an individual must meet both the clinical and indigent criteria.  These are individuals without the financial resources (lack of income and/or insurance) needed to access treatment for a diagnosed opioid use disorder.


Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Prevention is a proactive process that empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles. The prevention program includes education; alternative activities that are alcohol, tobacco and drug-free; community based strategies aimed to enhance the ability of the community to provide more effective prevention and treatment services for substance abuse disorders; and environmental strategies that seek to establish or change community standards, codes and attitudes.  


Substance Abuse / Mental Health Administration

Important Notice!

Priority Admission Given to Pregnant Women

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