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  Life Skills Specialist        


Non-Licensed Therapist

  This is an entry level and/or unlicensed professional position involved in direct service delivery efforts.  This position applies a variety of psychological methods and techniques in the assessment and evaluation of behavior, personality and intelligence; develops specific treatment plans and provides therapeutic counseling in accordance with plan.  The minimum qualification for this position is a Master's degree in a clinical area, which also required a clinical practicum.  Therapist who are not state licensed or are not licensed at a final level (i.e. ALC, LGSW, etc.) will be classified as a Therapist/ Non-Licensed.  Therapists assigned to specific subgroups such as children, adolescents or elderly, will be required to have 2 years specialized training/experience to work with such subgroups or shall receive 2 years supervision by a staff member with specialized training/experience.


Program Coordinator for Deaf Group Home

  This position has the basic responsibility of managing a program or an organizational unit of service delivery efforts.  This position is responsible for assuring their program operates in full compliance with all policies, procedures, standards and guidelines promulgated by this agency or appropriate state agencies.  This may include supervisory responsibility. This position minimally requires a bachelor’s degree in a mental health related field and 2-years experience in a direct service area (unless granted a waiver by the DMH Commissioner.), valid driver's license, CPR and First Aid certification, and shall hold at least Intermediate Plus level fluency in Sign Language as measured by the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI).

Alternatively, the coordinator shall have 3-years experience in a mental illness residential setting, demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly orally and in writing, and demonstrate the ability to maintain clinical records in accordance with standards.


Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

  This job has the basic responsibilities of direct service delivery to youth, parents and community. 

This position is responsible for all paperwork involved in service delivery, following the components of the annual Prevention Plan and keeping up with current Prevention strategies. 

Must have a Bachelor’s degree in a human services or related field, and during the first year of employment, must obtain the 75 hours of specialized education to become an Associate Prevention Specialist. 


Care Coordinator

  This is a direct service position involving basic casework principles and extensive direct client contact. As part of the treatment team, the Care Coordinator is responsible for coordinating services for the mentally ill. The Care Coordinator is responsible for training and educating client and family regarding symptoms, treatment, and resources, and for assisting with crisis situations when needed. The amount of contact is dependent upon the individual’s needs and level of dysfunction. Bachelor’s degree in a human service field and completion of approved training program required.


Geriatric Specialist

  This is a direct service position involving direct consumer contact within the nursing home setting.  The amount of contact is dependent upon the consumer’s needs and level of dysfunction.  This position is involved in the treatment process to help prevent inpatient hospitalization and to enhance the quality of life of nursing home consumers who have a mental illness.

Bachelor’s degree in a human service field is required.

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